Friday, December 16, 2016

From Fashionista to Farmgirl | An Announcement!

I have some very big (& somewhat bittersweet) news! Today I launched a new blog, La Petite Farmhouse, to fit this new season of  life. A place for my new husband & I to create something together. It's been nearly ten beautiful years of blogging at La Petite Fashionista. It never felt right to just rebrand this site. I want to keep this little blog here as time capsule of my last 10 years of finding my voice here on LPF. Thank you for being here, always to support & encourage my dreams! It's been an amazing journey... and we're just getting started.

I thought I'd share the piece that I wrote for La Petite Farmhouse, to tell the story how how I got here.

So here I am sharing my story... the one where I go from fashion blogger to farmgirl! Well, back in 2007, I started a fashion blog, La Petite Fashionista. It was my creative outlet and space for me to share & evolve my personal style. It allowed me to connect with amazing fellow fashionistas and brands I never dreamed of working with! It even led me to major in Fashion Merchandising at Florida State. I ended up moving all the way to Wisconsin for my first internship and later job as a merchandiser when I graduated.

I ended up sitting a few seats away from Kyle in the office. We had mutual friends & I'd bug him to eat lunch with me everyday because I thought he was cute! Eventually we became friends ourselves and realized we had a connection. We had our first date and I was intrigued by his background growing up in a rural area on a former dairy farm. He was instilled with the same work ethic I had growing up with entrepreneurial parents. 

Finally, after a few months of dating he introduced me to his family and took me to his beloved Moon Ridge Farm. You see, what Kyle didn't know was that as a kid growing up in coastal Florida, I always dreamed of living on a farm and wide open spaces. Way back in Kindergarten when teachers would have us draw photos of what we wanted to do when we grew up, I'd draw a big red barn in the photo and proclaim I wanted to live on a farm. So it felt a little bit like fate when I saw it that day.

Years of dating Kyle brought many weekends and holidays out at the farm. I was able to bring my family out there too, and it was easy to for them to see why I loved it there. The farm represented family, tradition, a closer connection to nature, and simpler ways of doing things; a few values that are important to us both.

When we started dreaming about our future together it always ended up at the farm. With his parents living in the farmhouse we never though renovating it would be possible. But, it is! It may not be the easy route for us. We could have bought a starter home a couple of years ago. It's the option worth waiting for. There's no place else we'd rather have as our forever home.

When we got married we knew we wanted it to be at the farm (but more on that later)! Kyle's family spent every weekend preparing the barn & our ceremony spot in the woods for our big day. Kyle built all of the tables for the reception, his mom grew all of the flowers, my friends & family helped come in and arrange flowers, decorate, and make signs. We said our vows among the trees and promised to support each others dreams.

So here we are! After nearly 10 years of blogging at La Petite Fashionista, I wanted a new space that the two of us could share this new season of life. It didn't feel right to just flip the switch on La Petite Fashionista readers, so I built a new Instagram channel this summer, and have been loving building our audience from the start. We are SO looking forward to sharing our journey of renovation- but even more than that, a place to inspire and help you slow down a bit to enjoy life's most important moments!

Come visit our happy little space at La Petite Farmhouse & be sure to follow along on Instagram for even more inspiration.


HiFashion said...

Oooooh how exciting. Can't wait to hear all about your new adventure and chapter in your life.

MostWantedshoesForITGirls said...

nice article.

Md Delower Hossain said...

Great article, love it. BTW I’ve just written this post on what to wear to a beach party and thought you would like it :O)

Alice Whitney said...

Cannot wait to read on your new adventures, all the best.

arron said...

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jamil's said...

amazing journey... not been posting for long...!!!! eager to read your other adventures.,.....

Anyways from us ... :)

endy smith said...

Well, your trip was very breathtaking. By the way, I do hope things go well with you.

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Unknown said...

Your captive writing is too good! It reminded me of my days when I started a farmhouse. It was obviously hard times then so I still remember buying basic gears from Tractorsupply.

Keep up the good work!

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