Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

When I decided I was going to be a 60's hippie for Halloween I wanted to give the costume my own personal touch! I decided to make a flower crown, totally winging it and using some of my Christmas wreath making know-how. I'm obsessed with how it turned out. It has all of the beauty of a real floral crown but will last forever with beautiful faux ranunculus blooms. & baby's breath.
This flower crown would be perfect for a costume, music festival, fashion editorial or even wedding!I'm going to walk you through the tutorial to create a flower crown for yourself. I swear it's easier than it looks.
La Petite Fashionista | DIY Flower Crown Tutorial
DIY Floral Crown
Two Faux Floral Stems (variation in size is key!)
Faux Baby's Breath Floral Stems
Green Floral Wire
La Petite Fashionista | DIY Flower Crown Tutorial
Flower Crown Tutorial Steps:
1. Start by cutting off around 3-4 feet of green floral wire. Wrap the wire around your head three times with some slight slack (it will get tighter once you add flowers to the crown). Cut a couple inches of wire and wrap several times around the crown circle to keep the wires grouped together- repeat in four places spaced out a couple inches apart on the circumference.
2. Cut each flower off the stalk, leaving 1-2 inches of stem. You'll want to lay out the flower pattern starting from the left hand side to the right (you'll probably want to start with small flowers, with larger flowers in the center, and smaller flowers again on the other side  & baby's breath in between each bloom.
3. Take your first flower & wrap the floral wire tightly around the stem (wrapping it 3-4 times), adhering the piece to the wire crown. They key here is NOT to cut the wire, but continue by placing the next floral piece (baby's breath) next to the bloom- ensure that each of the stems are facing in the same direction & wrap tightly around the next bloom.
4. Repeat this process keeping each floral piece spaced closely near eachother. The faux flowers usually have flexible wire stems, so you can slightly bend them to ensure they're all forward facing.
5. Once you've secured the last bloom wrap the wire tightly a few times around the crown to finish it off and tightly secure it. You may see some green wire exposed, don't worry about this!
6. Take ribbon (mine is a 1/4 inch width) & wrap tightly around the perimeter of the crown (covering up any exposed wire), you can also weave it tightly in between the flowers to completely mask any of the wire. Secure it with a tight knot. Next you may want to cut a piece around 2 ft in length, tie it in a bow in the back of the crown letting the ends hang down in the back.
 photo eca44f8e-e6cb-4601-bfe6-905a2c6dd77d_zps612000db.jpg

Don't stress about the crown looking too perfect! Just like in nature, your crown will look a little more real if you allow for a few flowers to go askew.
If you have any questions in the crown making process, be sure to leave them below!
xoxo, lauren

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Jessica said...

It turned out so great! These photos are some of my favorites to date :)

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